2010 Mountain Goat Hunt

Ok now to our goat hunt or lack thereof… For a month prior to Arlene’s arrival I tried to get up the mountain and find a goat before the season. As her hunt was first I could do exactly that. She is 65, an incredible lady and I sure hope I will be in that great of shape and mind set, mind you if I keep guiding I may only last another ten years. So here it is August and between the horrid weather, running to town for more supplies I didn’t manage to do enough scouting nor climb enough mountains. You may have heard the west was on fire and just when things were beginning to slow down for me and the weather was improving…smoke rolled in for six days. I was screaming with frustration, then it was time to pick Arlene up from the airport and time had run out for me. Ok we can still do this, we have ten days.

September 1st opening morning it snowed up high and continued to rain. Great. Visibility sucked until later that day when the sun decided to come out, pretty fantastic picture with a dusting of snow on the Cariboo Mountains but it doesn’t help with a goat hunt. The morning was spent touring until the weather broke, stopped at Ghost Lake to see the falls, then continued down the road to do more glassing. Holy cow, the dot moved! “Arlene quit jiggling the truck I think I see a goat!” It was, wow, after all these weeks of looking and trying to look and here he was all the time. I tell you I did the jig of happiness! We watched him for an hour, and then drove slowly back to camp as Arlene has a black bear tag as well. Back on the main road a cow and calf moose came busting out of the bush, and stood on the road for several minutes. She suddenly became quite alert looking down the road which we couldn’t see as it was on the downside of the hill. The cow and calf split up, each diving back into the bush in opposite directions. I thought it may be a vehicle. NO, it’s when you least expect it, here was a black bear hauling ass down the hill away from us. Arlene jumped out but had trouble chambering a shell. He was going way too fast anyways and once they hit that bush you couldn’t see them even if they stood five feet from you. It was a great first day. Tomorrow will be even better, it’s goat day!

We saw the goat had moved farther down into the valley and were quite excited as we wouldn’t need to climb as far up. However upon hiking into the valley we could see that it would be far too difficult for Arlene and so had to give up on that goat. The next day we headed down Ghost Lake to hunt the range behind the cabins. Shortly after getting settled the weather went to pot, with low fog, cold weather and pretty much stayed that way for the next 7 days. Needless to say goat hunting was pretty tough. Dave and I did manage to get up top above camp one day, but unfortunately didn’t see any goats. The hunt ended with Arlene leaving for home with no goat, but we sure enjoyed her company and had lots of fun.