Black Bear

British Columbia is well-known for the abundant numbers of black bear, and my area has not been short-changed. These healthy populations will fill your hunts with multiple black bear sightings and stalks.  Guided spot and stalk hunts are during the spring and fall season.  Hunters looking for good trophies can expect great results; sizes range from 6′ and better. During the spring our hunts proceed along de-activated logging roads and clear cuts, where the bears forage for fresh foliage. The fall takes us into higher country where the sugary huckleberry bushes are by the thousands and the scat is purple along with your own tongue. During the fall season, black bear can be combined with moose or mountain goat. Spot and stalk is the main method of hunting; what a rush doing the sneak on an unsuspecting bear!

The primary color phase is black, occasionally a color phase bear is harvested.  The bear hunts are six days and hunters stay in comfortable accommodations.  Black bear hunting in the spring or fall is a great time to enjoy the Cariboo Mountains.  It is a relaxed atmosphere, not getting up at the crack of dawn as the bears rarely do, so hunters get an excellent sleep and may do some morning fishing.  Then after a great lunch, you hunt for the rest of the day.  It is a wonderful hunt for couples and father and son groups; a great way to spend time together enjoying each other’s company or just the serene mountain scenery.