Grizzly Bear

Due to the BC governments decision to ban all grizzly hunting as a campaign promise, I am unable to book anyone.

My guide territory is one of few within BC with the highest concentration of grizzly.  The population is growing and healthy.  Several grizzlies harvested from this territory have been recorded in the Boone & Crocket and the SCI record books.  Many streams and rivers flow into Quesnel Lake creating a diverse aquatic system which is the spawning ground for the largest sockeye salmon run in the world.  This in turn sustains one of the largest interior Silver Tip Mountain Grizzly Bear populations within the province resulting in excellent genetics producing up to 9’+ bears.   

Our hunts are conducted during the spring season when the bears are very active and hunters can focus exclusively on bears without the distraction of hunting other game.  Avalanche chutes, clear cuts and logging roads are hunted by boat, ATV, and foot.

I hunt the south-facing avalanche slopes where the bears gather to mate and forage on the first sweet western beauty flowers; the many deactivated logging roads catching the bears migrating out of the high country; and glassing the many clear cuts as the bears wander through foraging along the way.  We have all color phases of grizzly from chocolate to the traditional silvertip blond.  Hunting from our two locations: Quesnel Lake or Comet Creek, puts you close to prime hunting spots and travel will be done either by boat, ATV, 4×4, on foot or all three.  I book no more than one hunter per spring, which guarantees personal service and higher opportunity; and since it is spring, hunters have the option of taking some time to fish. To ensure higher success, I offer a 14 day hunt which can also be combined with a wolf tag.


Mal Vaughan                                                                                                                                                                                                              San Antonio, Texas

Extremely diligent in getting hunter on game, even in very trying conditions that Mother Nature throws at you, great positive attitude…realistic evaluator of her hunting client’s physical condition…safety oriented…can make tough decisions which might not be initially popular to her client, but absolutely the right thing to do for the success of the hunter…communicates in a very helpful way.

Very enjoyable to be around…always upbeat…loves to laugh…good conversationalist…good communicator…has lots of hunting stories.

Tough as nails…can steer a quad through some unbelievably rough trails without mishap…has pistons for legs and can pack alot of weight…very impressive…meets unforeseen Mother Nature’s challenges head on and totally focused on solving the problem, e.g. taking 3 hours to cross a swollen stream, getting back to our cabin very late at night by boat in a rainstorm, etc.

Patient and helpful…since I’m 65 years old, frequently asked if I needed to stop while hiking to get to where we hunted grizzly…told me how she handled a foreign hunter older than me to hike along a trail that took him 5 hours while it took me 2 hours, and would have taken her only a little over an hour…that’s patience extraordinaire and excellent client service.

Very good accommodations…rustic log cabin, wood stove, great meals…true hunting-in-the-bush experience for city-slicker hunting clients.

Thinks about details…reminds hunters of things they need to pack before heading out (e.g. extra snacks, socks, gloves, shirts, rainwear, etc.)…prepared for backwoods challenges, e.g. nylon rope to cross streams, fire starting materials, etc.

Loves the guiding business…29 years experience…gets along well with fellow guides in her area and has developed mutually beneficial relationships with guides whose areas adjoin hers…as good as any male guide I’ve ever hunted with and better than most.

Well regarded by government fish and game personnel familiar with her operation.

Very good equipment, seems to be very organized

Knows her hunting area and where game might be, good sense of direction in the woods…loves animals, fascinated by Mother Nature’s creatures that we encountered, large or small.

Prepares downed game very well…excellent skinner, very detailed and precise care of my bear hides….clever use of bear skull, bear hands, and human cap for once-in-a-lifetime pictures…very funny.

Overall…an extremely enjoyable hunting trip which was very successful, having taken a beautiful mountain grizzly and a black bear….no hesitation about recommending Chris to any hunter