The high mountain meadows, red willow flats, clear cuts and river bottoms make our area excellent for a trophy Moose hunt.  The Upper Matthew River provides all that moose love; red willows, many small meadows, and muskeg.  The heavily traveled game trails are extraordinary.  Moose and goat can be hunted simultaneously.  As you are moose hunting time will be taken to glass the peaks above you for goat and vise versa. 

If you are hunting the early part of the season, time will be spent glassing clear cuts, hunting mineral licks and mountain valleys for that Bull Moose. During this time of year moose frequent these places and are easier to pattern. Cold, clear frosty mornings in later September start the rut, with the moose beginning to wander around looking for that long-lost love. This starts the kind of memorable hunt that everyone should experience! A well-timed Bull Moose grunt or the most passionate love call of them all will bring that monstrous moose literally to the front porch! Consistent colder weather will bring the rut into full swing early October. The big bulls have gathered up cows and are ready to honour the cows’ virtue by fighting any other bull. Watching your guide use a birch bark moose call and vigorously scraping the willow bushes will be pretty exciting. You just don’t know when that enormous Bull Moose will come charging in , head down, and ready to love or fight! The outfitted moose hunts we offer are trophy Canadian Moose with the opportunity to harvest 45″ and better. We have prime hunting spots that have not seen any pressure for over 15 years or longer and those are the places one can really experience an exciting hunt.   Our guided moose hunts can be combined with mountain goat and black bear.