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It is with the deepest sorrow and broken heart to tell you that my beloved dog, Artemis (Arte) died of lung cancer.  She was named after Artemis, who was the goddess of wild animals, the hunt, protector of young children and women.  The most loyal, independent, and stubborn ass of a dog, one who entertained so many people: family, friends, and clients.   She witnessed 10 years of my life, giving me much laughter, companionship, loyalty and so much love. 

At nine months Arte tracked her first wounded moose, and from then on was hooked, and became an incredible tracker and hunter.   She loved the outdoors, but only if the temperature was warm.  Her favorite place in the off season was Arizona and Mexico.   Arte grew up in BC, loved boat rides, ATV rides, played with the horses, and ran all over the place smelling everything she possibly could.   She climbed many a mountain with me, her last one in 2019.   It was me who packed her food though, because when I pulled hers out, she ran like hell.

Never letting my lifestyle interfere with having her, Arte travelled with me everywhere I went, even as far as Europe, Mexico, and the US.  Rarely were we apart. 

She will be missed by many, most of all myself.